Why ALL HALE is Different and Special


Hale County is a real location in Alabama that has been populated by a destitute people with a strong and resolute spirit.  Though struggling to flourish as it once did in a more agrarian time, Hale has found solace under the wing of a local private university’s architectural design-build program. While telling the fictional story of what could happen when logical creativity is taken off the grid when these students descend upon the county, ALL HALE hybridizes their experience with that of the locals– what must they learn and teach one another to coexist harmoniously enables a level of unexpected trust for both parties.

We also cover the existent but often overlooked consequences of the unemployment and economic desertion in the American South that began long before the rest of the county felt the same. For a region recently mired by hurricanes, oil spills and tornadoes,  American cinema owes it to the region to tell this story in order to return the attention back to its unprecedentedly breathtaking beauty. 

ALL HALE was written out of respect for the region’s struggles, and a wish for the film, from production to distribution, to spread the message of positive Southern character while helping ease its wounds of disaster with a portrayal of hope, optimism, and growth.Inspired by architectural design-build initiatives, this independent feature by Genuine Rockprov Productions was shot on location in Hale County, Alabama with the vivid and striking local architecture as it’s backdrop. Throughout the United States, the quietly revolutionary movement of design-build architecture is steadily spreading with many opportunities for students of architecture and their professors to venture into oft-forgotten regions, both urban and rural, to lend their expertise in design towards building up poverty-stricken communities.  Not only building dynamic physical structures, these programs provide a balance of opportunity for those on each side of fortune. 

ALL HALE is inspired by such a program and is set in Hale County, Alabama where an arduous history of African American unemployment dominates the rural American South. Industrialization and even more modern forms of farm mechanization have turned the region defined by agricultural prominence into one filled with desperate poverty.  ALL HALEconnects the true-to-life dots between the spirited locals, well intentioned volunteers, and powerful land owners in a place where racial tensions still run high. 

It is not just the story, but the vividly built environment that stands side by side with the desperate rural area that will capture you.  The more you learn about this socially conscious project the more you will love and connect to this story.


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