About Genuine Rockprov

gen∙u∙ine, adj.  –  authentic, real           rock∙prov, noun   –  rockstar of improvisation

        Genuine Rockprov Productions was born from the notion of pushing thought provoking stories farther into reality by pulling them straight from the rough. We are committed to creating fictionalized entertainment ripped from true-to-life drama and heart with the aim of telling the greatest stories from the missing voices of our time— the marginalized, the disenfranchised and the depressed in order to shed a much needed light on these often relatable human struggles and bring awareness in the most effective local-to-global manner: cinema.
      Our company was built on a foundation of established relationships in the United States, Europe, and Asia with the goal of ensuring long term success for all parties involved. Our feature films shoot on conscientious budgets with high production value in order to rival major studio pictures, proving once again that lower budget does not mean lower quality.



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