Genuine Rockprov Productions has two feature films currently in development including the coming of age drama ALL HALE and the ensemble female comedy HUMOR US.  We are currently pursuant of partnership and pre-sale opportunities!

ALL HALE Vision Trailer

ALL HALE Website:

ALL HALE short synopsis:  In a small but uniquely built rural town, a young female architecture student (Alice) builds a home for a poor black family (the Parkers) and mentors the often bullied daughter (Ruth) as Ruth discovers her budding homosexuality, while Alice herself unwittingly falls in love with the son of the man responsible for the Parkers’ misfortune.

In a place where farming dominates but no longer employs, a conservative plantation owner's liberal son falls for an idealistic white architecture student as she builds a sustainable home for a poor black family and mentors the family's daughter who struggles with bullying at school over her budding homosexuality.

Other Genuine Rockprov feature films in development: HUMOR US